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The change was undoubtedly so that Warner Bros. didn't have to close the door forever on one of its most profitable franchises. Sound off in the comments section. As long as über-powerful Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) was ejected from the system, Neo and the gang would settle for peaceful coexistence with the machines (as long as humans still in the Matrix could opt-out of it, or... something). But filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo wisely keep the story's heart entrenched in the bromance between Steve and Bucky, now reformed but still capable of being "activated" as the Winter Soldier with the proper sequence of phrases. Peter Parker is Marvel Comics' most popular character, a hero with enduring appeal who's been around almost as long as DC rivals like Superman and Batman. Spider-Man 2 ignored the Batman formula of focusing on the bad guys, instead furthering the growth and change of Peter Parker as he matured into his role as Spider-Man. Emotions are one of the key elements to understanding Ingmar Bergman’s filmography. Hopkins plays Lecter, a psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer (what a combo! Even though these films sometimes do not get the praise they deserve in Bergman’s filmography, we have here not only three masterpieces from one of the best directors of all time, but really three valuable filmmaking lessons from one of the best artists who ever lived. The franchise took four years off before returning for Gibson's final (and what Miller thought would be his final) entry, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. 14:00 2020. Movies: Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Winter Light (1963), The Silence (1963). The over-complicated plot throws a number of obstacles in Tony Stark's path: an enemy with a personal vendetta against the Stark family, a business rival who wants to take Tony down, the U.S. government wanting to acquire the Iron Man technology for its own uses, and the slow poisoning of Tony's body by the arc reactor that's made him a superstar. More recently, with Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, a new trilogy was kicked off, with fans proclaiming it a return to the revered sensibilities of the original trilogy. But there's no denying that Back to the Future is one of the greatest adventures ever put on film. So, here are the 10 best film trilogies of all time. Stay tuned for the penultimate list containing nontraditional trilogies next week and if you missed my first two lists you can view by picks for the best classic trilogies here and my list for the best trilogies of the 90s and 2000s here . The story is propelled by Max's need to procure coveted gas to power his signature hotrod, but eventually it brings him into the orbit of a group of survivors trying to defend themselves against a wicked gang led by "Lord Humungus." The Matrix took movie screens by storm in 1999 and redefined modern cinema overnight. The production design, visual effects, and overall ambition took gigantic leaps forward, while intriguing new characters were added to the already appealing cast. To truly appreciate the achievement that was Batman Begins, you have to remember the Bat-flick that came before it: the abysmal Batman & Robin. Krzysztof Kieslowski constructed this intricate house of cards, released in 1993 and 1994, with subversive twists on France's political ideals: liberty, equality, and fraternity. It creates rules of time travel that rely on a MacGuffin (either the DeLorean or the Flux Capacitor, take your pick), yet those rules make logical sense and the movie never violates them. Privacy Policy ( Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, 20 Great Documentaries That Will Change Your Worldview. Getting to see a proper translation of Marvel's wall-crawling hero with modern effects and filming techniques sounded brilliant. More movies followed, with George Lucas directing a prequel trilogy between 1999 and 2005, which was heavier on visual effects but disappointingly inferior on story and character. But something fell apart somewhere in the presentation. 2014 - Explorez le tableau « "The Godfather" - la trilogie » de Pauline MAZIN, auquel 59032 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. 3 avr. Empire has the definitive guide to the best trilogies out there, including Back to the Future and The Lord of The Rings. Here is a list of the best movie trilogies that are great examples, which offer an idea of how trilogies should aspire to be. Jesse has to get to the airport after the signing, but he has an hour to spend with Celine, during which they delve into even more personal topics. He even invents rock 'n' roll. It also accomplishes the unprecedented task of besting itself with each subsequent entry. A fourth movie was planned but abandoned when Sam Raimi and the studio wanted different things. It also featured a truckload of thirty-some Iron Man suits, all of which show up for the finale. There's just no better way to do it than to script, plan, and prep three movies entirely in advance, and then film all at once. At its barest of bones, the first film is a tragedy about a good man who goes bad, albeit in part as a result of the circumstances around him. Those dastardly Nazis reared their ugly heads again, there were sensational chases through Venetian canals and Jordanian deserts, and this time there were two Dr. Joneses to save the day. This humble trio of "movies about people talking," often in long, single takes, was every bit as absorbing as the greatest moments that film has ever recorded. It didn't hurt that it reframed the perennial "Hero's Journey" — the same basic story structure used by Star Wars and countless others — as something fresh, smart, and stunning to behold. Fox), wannabe rock star who goes thirty years back in time, saves his parents and transforms his loser family unit into a happy, loving, successful household. In White, Zbigniew Zamachowski is Karol, a man who's subjected to a humiliating divorce, loses everything, and is reduced to a street beggar. There is truly no limit to the influence of the preeminent pop cultural touchstone that is Star Wars. In this case, we a considering all of the above cases for our list of 7 best movie trilogies that we see fit to be in this list. The Lord Of The Rings Movies offer one of the best action-packed adventures ever filmed! The BRD Trilogy is composed of three films that are alongside the best made by one of Germany’s greatest masters, and definitely deserves a place on an article of the best movie trilogies ever made. In Toy Story, Pixar changed animation forever by showing the world that computers could produce imagery every bit as expressive and alive as traditional hand-drawn animation -- if not more so. Yet if "everything that has a beginning has an end," as The Matrix Revolutions told us, it's a crying shame — not to mention confusing — that this trilogy was robbed of its proper conclusion. The Trilogy of Faith Movies: Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Winter Light (1963), The Silence (1963) He meets an old mentor (Alec Guinness) who guides him on his quest, where he makes allies and enemies, discovering a destiny that only he can fulfill along the way. Movies: Alice in the Cities (1974), The Wrong Move (1975), Kings of the Road (1976). Despite his glum personality and detached behavior, Valentine continually finds herself visiting him, trying to uncover the humanity he's worked so hard to hide. Given how much audiences have invested in these two by this point, you can imagine how it ends. The first film is essentially a revenge thriller wrapped in action movie trappings, but Miller somehow manages to turn the dry, dull landscape of the Australia desert into a gripping, stylish backdrop for life after the end of the world. Trilogies are something that’s very recurrent in the history of film. Spider-Man swung into theaters in 2002, solidifying a new age of superhero films that has only increased in dominance since. The film told the story of Michael Corleone (Pacino), a World War II veteran who returns home to his Italian-American family in New York and becomes deeply embroiled in the mafia war his father is waging. This achievement can't be overstated. On the other hand, some trilogies knock it out of the park. Best known in the west for his later masterpieces Harakiri (1962) and Kwaidan (1964), Masaki Kobayashi’s most personal work took the form of his monumental epic, The Human Condition. With that in mind, here's Screen Rant's take on The Best Movies Trilogies Of All Time. The heartbreaking, impossibly beautiful finale was as blissfully perfect an ending as any trilogy could possibly achieve. Evil Dead on the Starz network. In unserer heutigen Top 7 haben wir uns den besten Trilogien der Filmgeschichte gewidmet. He even won an Academy Award for his role in the first film — of which he spent less than 20 minutes on-screen! Unlike other superhero sagas, the Dark Knight Trilogy boasts genuine, bonafide closure. It would be drama that rang true, performed by serious actors, almost literary in quality. The Captain America films may not be three parts of one story, but their characters forge an emotional journey that viewers can easily track from one flick to the next. Bucky nevertheless returns in the modern day in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, much like Steve, who'd been frozen in ice beneath the Atlantic during First Avenger's final battle. Red is the most acclaimed of the trilogy, in which Kieslowski looks at the meaning of fraternity by presenting a group of characters with nothing in common whose lives become entwined. No superpowers, no fantasy or science fiction, no standard comic book stuff. Before Midnight has a completely different tone, picking up another nine years on, this time with our couple now married (with twin daughters), but feeling romance slipping away in the mundane of day-to-day life. Top 10 movie trilogies of all time: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Godfather and more Here are 10 best movie trilogies of all time. It also introduces us to Steve's best friend, "Bucky" Barnes (Sebastian Stan), who is presumed dead in the second Great War after falling from an impossible-to-survive height. Top 20 des meilleures trilogies au cinéma. His success is equal parts cathartic and tragic, a tale of revenge served incredibly cold that has a more profound impact on Karol than it does his victims. The stalwart cowboy hero (Tom Hanks), the delusional space ranger toy who thinks he's real (Tim Allen), the cast of kooky sidekicks, each with a distinct personality. 10 Scary Movies That Actually Get Monsters Right, 5 Best Horror Movies That Released In January (& 5 Worst), Every Nicolas Cage Horror Movie (So Far), Ranked By IMDb, Ice Age: 10 Hilarious Quotes From The First Film, How I Met Your Mother: 10 Scenes That Live Rent-Free In Every Fans Head, Wonder Woman 1984: 10 Ways The Film Sets Up The Third Movie, Mindhunter: 10 Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten, 10 Movie Franchises That Should Be Adapted Into LEGO Video Games, MCU’s Loki: 10 Hilarious Loki Logic Memes That Are Too Funny For Words, Disney World: 10 Places Every Star Wars Nerd Needs To Visit, Batman: 10 Things Unique Only To Tim Burton's Version Of The Character, Legends Of Tomorrow: Sara's 5 Best Story Arcs (& 5 Worst), DC: 5 Ways Nite Owl II Is Just Like Batman (& 5 Ways He's Totally Different), The Lord of the Rings: The Best Food in Middle-Earth, Ranked, The Boys: 10 Major Flaws Of The Show That Fans Chose To Ignore, Better Call Saul: Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten, Star Wars: The 3 Greatest Moments From Each Prequel Movie, Fantastic Beasts: 10 Things Only Harry Potter Book Fans Know About The Creatures, Godzilla Vs. Kong: 5 Reasons The MonsterVerse Has Been A Massive Success (& 5 Reasons It Still Can't Surpass The MCU). Captain America: Civil War, the conclusion of the trilogy, would have been such an easy misfire. Because nothing could possibly go wrong with that. In this case, we're accepting all of the above in our definition of film trilogy. What if you have a series with more than three films? 92 . As a way of telling a longer story or simply connecting a particular theme in different narratives, some of the best films in history are part of a trilogy and many acclaimed directors have one in their filmography. A trilogy born in a span of almost four decades, the Dr. Mabuse trilogy by German director Fritz Lang introduced one of the most known criminals in cinema. Wir haben die besten Film-Trilogien aller Zeiten bewertet – das ist das Ergebnis: Ausführliche Topliste 21 Trilogien Spoilerfrei. The cast created most of its own dialogue in that first movie, which added to its realism and sharp humor, while director Jon Favreau staged several stand-up-and-cheer action scenes that audiences couldn't get enough of. It was a box office triumph. Can three of them be plucked out of the sequence and considered a trilogy? Tom Hardy took over the titular role (he's contracted for up to four more, should Miller choose to go that far), and Miller dove back into Max's world with a renewed vigor and sense of purpose. Rep.-elect Cori Bush reflects on Black Lives Matter roots, why she ran for Congress. One big story told in three parts? The road is an element that is present in some of the most acclaimed works of German director Wim Wenders and, from 1974 to 1976, the director dedicated three films to explore this element in The Road Trilogy, comprising three amazing movies starred by great actor Rüdiger Vogler. Back to the Future Part II had impossibly high expectations to live up to, but its main story arc suffered from a lack of creativity and remake fever (the wholly unnecessary return trip to 1955). (Which can only mean that one critic somewhere out there had a migraine on review day.). For its astonishing visual and powerful story, this trilogy directed by the brilliant Satyajit Ray definitely deserves a place among the best of all time. Many film trilogies are huge fantasy or action blockbusters. The Cold War was heating up, and the entire world was facing an energy crisis. It starts with the first movie, which is an introduction to the world and its characters and overall scenario. The fellowship is divided into three groups in The Two Towers (2002), each going in different directions but all working toward the same goal of saving the innocent and defeating Sauron. Although this trilogy has been overshadowed by other Marvel films, Iron Man's golden face plate remains the icon that defines the entire enterprise. Thankfully, things pick up again before the end, culminating with an unforgettably thrilling mine cart chase. Robert Downey Jr., meanwhile, continues to change and grow his portrayal of Tony Stark; his recent turn in Captain America: Civil War may have been his best yet. Campbell practically invented the "cocky hero" archetype, swaggering his way through the series and into the heart of pop culture itself. When he's injected with a super-soldier serum, he becomes Captain America, the country's first superhero and a central figure in defeating the Nazis. And the less said about Howard the Duck, the better. To give some examples, the “phone conversation” in “Before Sunrise,” the talk Céline and Jesse have on the cab on “Before Sunset” or the argument about infidelity they have on “Before Midnight” are all great moments in these films that are almost entirely based on dialogue. It's a familiar formula that countless stories have drawn upon, but it came at a unique moment in history. It certainly wasn't the ideas department, as the Wachowskis brought a truckload of fascinating new ones to the table.

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