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There are several boulangeries and grocery stores nearby where you can pick up something for lunch. Because the archives are maintained by the French government, visitors must go through security before entering. Consultez les archives numérisées (état civil, recensements, listes électorales, plans et affiches …), l’inventaire des séries anciennes et accédez à notre base de données. Should you wish to stay further out and would rather not walk, there are a few convenient ways to get to the archive: Tram: Nantes has a small public tram system that runs through the city. Some of the collection has been preserved on microfilm. Les archives religieuses de l’Ancien Régime ont été intégrées aux dépôts d’archives publiques en 1791. There is no cafeteria in the building, but there is a break room with vending machines that offer light snacks and beverages. To get to the archive, take the 1 line to the Moutonnerie stop. 17 rue de Casterneau, 44000 Nantes [primary school], Daguerréotype, plaques de verre, négatifs, diapositives, tirages papier … aujourd’hui plus de 30 000 photographies constituent notre photothèque en ligne. AHA Letter Registering Concern over Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice (September 2020) ACLS Joint Statement on the Key Role of the Humanities (August 2020) AHA Statement on Department Closures and Faculty Firings (July 2020) AHA Letter Condemning Tenured Faculty Layoffs at Canisius (July 2020) AHA Statement on Historical Research during COVID-19 (July 2020) AHA Signs on to AAS Statement on the … Versements, classements, dons, acquisitions, restauration, numérisation, expositions, retrouvez ici toute l’actualité sur l’enrichissement et la valorisation des collections. On a typical summer day, one will typically find around a dozen researchers working at a time, allowing plenty of space to spread out and quick service at the circulation desk. Unfortunately, these collections are limited to the years that the French mandates and protectorates operated – for example, the Syria/Lebanon files only cover the period from 1920 to 1946. Dece. The archive is located East of the city center and North of the Ile de Nantes. Il s'agit de la base des enfants abandonnés, elle est constituée de 3.060 notices d'actes pour la période allant de 1796 à 1855. ACTUALITÉS DES FONDS For most of the year, the archives are open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. The process seems very formal, but it is straightforward, and the security personnel are kind and professional to all visitors, regardless of nationality. Nantes (44000) - 44000. The Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes (the Diplomatic Archives Center in Nantes or CADN) houses extensive collections of French diplomatic files from the 18th-20th centuries. The archives are wheelchair accessible. Most of the archivists know some English, but as a general rule, Nantes is slightly less anglophone than Paris. Then you are free to ask for the next item. Nantes is a relatively small city – certainly compared to London, Paris, New York, or Istanbul. Upon arriving at the building, press the call button at the gate. Nantes came to house files produced or retained abroad in consulates, embassies, and by the high commissions in French mandates and protectorates. To order materials onsite, go to one of the computers in the salle de lecteur and order (commander) materials through the intranet catalogue system. The first is files produced by the French government in conjunction with its participation in international organizations. Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) : Archives numérisées et indexées : Etat civil et recensements. Les derniers registres d'état civil numérisés sont en ligne (naissances de 1919, mariages de 1944 et décès de 1994). La salle de lecture rouvre à partir du 1er décembre 2020. le mardi et le jeudi, de 9h à 12 h30 et de 14h à 17h, Vending machines in the "lounge" sell drinks, coffee, and the like. On les trouve aujourd’hui dans les fonds des Archives nationales, départementales, communales. The Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes (the Diplomatic Archives Center in Nantes or CADN) houses extensive collections of French diplomatic files from the 18th-20th centuries. Community See All. The elephant on the Ile de Nantes. Joshua Donovan is a PhD candidate in Columbia University’s Department of History. 635 people like this. Plus d'information sur les conditions de réservation et de consultation ICI In exchange, you will receive a badge that grants you access to the main building. Contact Centre des Archives diplomatiques de Nantes on Messenger . A partir de cette époque se met en place une politique raisonnée et systématique de rapatriement des fonds des postes à l’étranger. Sénéchaussée de Nantes : dossiers de tutelles, curatelles, procédures civiles par ordre alphabétique (Brochard à Bureau) - AD 44 - B 7209 2 individus . There are also a few shelves containing bound volumes on a variety of subjects pertaining to French diplomacy. Originally, archives of the French Foreign Ministry were housed in the Quai d’Orsay in Paris. All you need is your carte de lecteur and the code of the box you want to see. The scope and temporal range of these files ranges widely by city, but these files often include documents on immigration and emigration, intelligence reports, press reports, data on trade, and diplomatic cables sent out and received by French embassies and consulates. Les Archives municipales de Nantes ont sélectionné ces documents dans leur fonds 14-18. Archives en ligne des Archives de Nantes : état civil. > un nom, une rue, CORPUS ... Here you must give the guard your passport, which they hold on to until you leave the center. HISTOIRE DES QUARTIERS Fax (33) 2 51 77 24 60. Archives Municipales de Nantes. Page d'accueil Contact Moteur de recherche Plan du site Utilitaires. Researchers can photograph archival documents freely and without limit. sur rendez-vous par courriel à [email protected]. Collections generally fall into one of three categories. Fonds contributif . Once you have some boxes waiting for you, pick a seat (equipped with a small light and an outlet), then ask the archivist on-duty for one of your items. Gratuit. Researchers are likely to find several rooms available within walking distance of the archives through AirBnB or similar sites. The Research Experience Happy holidays! Then walk Northeast on the Boulevard Ernest Dalby, turn left onto Rue de la Peite Mitrie, then right onto Rue de Casterneau. His research centers around the social and political history of identity in modern Syria, Lebanon, and its diaspora, before, during, and after the French Mandate. Informations pratiques. Archives en ligne des Archives municipales de Nantes : registres des inhumations. "Quartiers à vos mémoires" sortie du numéro 4, © Archives de Nantes / Dernière mise-à-jour : mardi 15 décembre 2020 /, la numérisation du fonds Potet touche à sa fin, actuellement 1016 photographies ont été numérisés. If you have a laptop, you will usually be asked to bring that up and show that you’re not smuggling out any documents. At Nantes, researchers can order up to 7 boxes per day and can have an accumulated total of 14 boxes available to them at a time. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Quai d'Orsay; Diplomatic Archives in Nantes; CADN; Address 17, rue de Casterneau Nantes 44000 France. Vous ne pourrez pas avoir accès aux fonctionnalités de modification ou de suppression des informations et documents de votre compte. Depuis 1999, les Archives de Nantes accompagnent les initiatives associatives et institutionnelles relatives à l’histoire et aux mémoires de quartiers. The Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes was opened to the public in 1987 after extensive cataloguing and organization. Présentation des archives. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Le service éducatif, avec le soutien d’un enseignant chargé de mission, propose au public scolaire des actions destinées à faciliter la découverte de l’histoire de Nantes à partir des documents d’archives. Nous rendons l'accès à Archives Municipales plus facile, c'est pourquoi plus de 865 millions d'utilisateurs, y compris les utilisateurs de Nantes, ont choisi Moovit comme la meilleure application de transports en commun. Centre des Archives diplomatiques de Nantes. Some of the boxes have been organized thematically – others are organized by date. Unfortunately, you cannot usually view materials the same day. Given the security, it is generally easier to bring food with you. Bus: From the North, you can take bus number 10 and stop at Noe Lambert. Researchers planning a trip to Nantes should reach out to the archivists beforehand to ensure that at least some of the desired materials are available. Among scholars of the Modern Middle East, Nantes is most famous for its collections of documents produced by the French mandate in Syria and Lebanon, as well as the French Protectorates in Tunisia and Morocco. About See All. L’« annexe » de Nantes, devenue un service d’archives de plein exercice, prend son nom actuel de Centre des Archives diplomatiques de Nantes. Log In. There is a grocery store to the west, where de Castelnau meets rue des Chalâtres. The archives are open to the public, but the stacks are not. To order documents, you must register for a carte de lecteur at the front desk by filling out a short form. > 80 ans du marché de Talensac History Centre des Archives diplomatiques de Nantes 17, rue du Casterneau 44036 - Nantes Cedex Tél : (+33) (0)2 51 77 24 59 Mail : archives.cadn_[at] Elles conservent une collection unique composée de 215 rapports de fonctionnement rédigés par les directeurs et directrices des 44 écoles publiques nantaises primaires et maternelles entre 1915 et 1919. Then the archivist will give you a little piece of paper that you will need to present to the security guard upon leaving – an “exit visa,” so to speak. In the 1960s and 1970s, some documents were sent to Nantes for safekeeping – including civil files on French citizens born abroad and files from the High Commission in Syria and Lebanon discovered in Beirut after World War II. Once you’re finished, return the item to the archivist, let them know whether you are finished (c’est finit) or would like to keep the box in your cache of items (prolonger).

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